Holiday Parks in Cornwall

Cornwall Holiday Park has become one of the fantastic national institutions. Generations of families, by the turn of the century onwards, have left Cornwall’s cities to go for their two weeks summer holidays on the British coastline.
The Holiday Park had a fairly humble beginning, essentially offering lodging, entertainment and food all under one roof, more often than not around the border of a large traditional seaside town like Blackpool, Skegness or even Great Yarmouth. Trevornick
These holiday parks were quite popular with families looking for cheap holidays, in a time when international travel was expensive and unobtainable for a large percentage of the overall public.
Nevertheless as international travel became cheaper Britain saw the growth of the package holiday in the 70’s and 80’s, which meant that Cornwall holidays no longer provided the value that was such a unique selling point for lots of the parks that are popular.
The tough times that confronted the sector were definitely compounded by a change in perception of the holiday park encounter. When you mentioned holiday parks people started to think of the popular TV series Hi-de-Hi rather than ending rounds of knobbly knees competitions, donkey rides and crimson coat style entertainment. Regrettably combined with chilly and windy chalets and tasty food!
Like most UK tourism business the independent and numerous holiday park owners started to see a reduction in the interest in their own holiday offering. The park owners came up with a number of solutions to counter the perception and the enhance the quality of the holiday park encounter.
Primarily the lodging was updated. Customers were no longer pleased with basic facilities, so holiday parks spent countless enhancing lodging facilities, from updating the rooms to creating penthouse apartments with plasma TV’s, four poster beds and room services. This resulted in holiday parks providing a more upmarket feel to all their lodging and provided clients with a much greater selection of choice.
Second the entertainment offering changed enormously. Some UK parks started to specialise in only offering special entertainment breaks. Leading comedians, shows and musical actions have begun to top the bill and themed weekends leading to entertainment such as continent american, 60’s revivals and dancing and sport breaks.
Thirdly the traditional three meals a day that of parks has likely seen the best change. To adapt to the change needs of holiday makers more and more parks have started to provide self catering choices rather than providing full or half board and charging extra for foods. Some of the bigger chain parks also have gone even further and do not offer you any catering, just inviting the restaurants and fast food places to offer food around the Park. However, as the parks themselves possess diversified, offering different things to different holiday economies, so gets the catering, and some holiday parks today make a virtue of how they provide three best quality foods daily. As Cornwall’s only Five Star Independent Park they had been investing to top excellent infrastructure, catering and entertainment and the first costs of the project have been rewarded with a reputation for top excellent holiday park encounter.
But Potters aren’t the only firm offering top excellent park style holidays. A growing number of improvements in Cornwall are building the lodge style accommodation away from the traditional holiday park centers of seaside towns. The inland lodge fashion improvements have moved away in the’park’ picture and today provide champagne and hot tubs style rests at a quiet and secluded rural environment. With so much innovation in the industry holiday parks will continue to provide more of what exactly the holidaymaker needs and desires – a top excellent holiday experience.